About Me

I’m a UX researcher. I believe every project should start with user research, and it should be a continuous activity through every stage of a UX project. Helping clients to understand users, select appropriate methods and solve problems is a great passion of mine! My expertise in usability testing, heuristic evaluation, eye-tracking research, survey, interview, ethnography, and other methods makes me an efficient and effective UX researcher.

Furthermore, I’m an interaction designer. I convert research results to actionable design solutions. I enjoy providing design recommendations for solving usability problems, generating wireframes and creating information architecture & prototypes.

The experiences of leading projects and cooperating with researchers, designers, developers and various teams trained me to be a good communicator and project manager. In addition, being the only consultant of building the first Visa User Experience Lab, I have reviewed most of the lab equipment/software on the market and successfully negotiated with the lab vendors to get the desired rate.

After my daughter was born, I chose to stay at home for a few years so I could spend more time with her. I enjoy cooking, which is a kind of design to me and playing with my daughter. I’m looking for a job now and would like to talk to you for any UX/UI research or design work. Please feel free to contact me.