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My professional and academic experience with User Experience has prepared me to be an efficient and effective UX Researcher and Designer.

I have applied my education in UX/UI to industry in multiple environments. I worked at Visa Inc. as Sr. UX analyst. This job helps me to think and perform as an UX practitioner. I have acquired experience with user research, iterative usability testing, creating personas, developing content inventory, conceptual models, wireframe and hi-fi prototypes for website and mobile application projects. I reviewed most lab equipment/software on the market and helped Visa build the first User Experience Lab. I got certificate of usability analyst through Human Factor International training and courses.

Before I worked at Visa, I had worked on a data visualization project for Emerson Process Management. For this project, I conducted an ethnographic study on operators’ work in the control room. I analyzed the data needs of chemical control room operators and prototyped a new interface for a digital automation system.

As a researcher, I collected data from Facebook diabetes groups and conducted both quantitative and qualitative analysis. My paper has been published by journal of Medical System. I presented the project of online diabetes communities at the 2013 Healthcare Symposium. I also published Emerson Process Management research on IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors journal.

When I worked at the Ministry in China, I assisted in managing the agile development of the “Open Information System” project, established to make the documents and records of the Ministry of Education more open to the general public. I participated in the governmental documents circulation and collected the requirements from the customers (field study). Based on the information needs of the public and the requirements of the Ministry, I generated work flow for the application system (a sub-system of the “Open Information System”).

I’d like to talk to you for UX/UI research or design work. Please feel free to contact me.

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