Data Visualization Project for Emerson Process Management



Image: An operator in the control room

I worked as a research assistant with Dr. Bias and another student for the data visualization project of Emerson Process Management company. I did ethnographic study  including interview and observation in the control rooms of chemical plants and labs.

Based on the data we collected from the control rooms, I analyzed the data needs of control room operators. With our goal being to improve the display of information to them, to assist in making excellent, timely decisions, we redesigned the interface of digital automation system and presented to the Emerson Process Management team.  Because of the NDA requirement, I cannot post details here. (The image comes from Emerson Process Management’s website.)

After this project, we summarized our findings and published a research paper on the journal of IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors. If you are interested in this paper, please click here.