Interaction Design for VISA

I created wireframe for design projects based on business requirements documents including user cases documents with the client teams. Generally speaking, I converted text into graphics. Code Table Management project is one of these projects.

Background: The VISA data team asked our UX team to build wireframes based on their document of user cases. The wireframes need to show the flow of multifunctions such as login, search, filter, subscribe, request, approve request and manage users. Additionally, interfaces for different type of users including employees, data experts and admins are required.

Challenges: The documents was not so clear for us since it included unfamiliar terms. Furthermore, the client team were even uncertain about some technology issues which will impact one flow of the design.

Strategy and Design: We reviewed the document carefully and discussed each case with the client team. We found some user cases are mixed whereas some others are unnecessarily separated. After clearing up the user cases, I created wireframes through Balsamiq Mockups. Moreover, we found there are two possible solutions for the technical issues, so we created two flows for that user case.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.18.26 PM

Result: the client team were very happy about our cooperation.

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