Personal Health Record Project


Background: The goal of this project was to develop a new personal health record (PHR) solution. The product of the project allowed patients to collect, manage, organize, and share their health information in a way that was independent of their doctors’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Challenges: The four team members came from four different countries and three of them were not native English speakers. It took a long time to communicate in our meetings.

Strategies: I suggested everyone needed to be patient to listen to what others said and summarized what the previous person had said before talking about his/her own ideas. This strategy saved our meetings and strengthened the cooperation.

Sample of research findings: Based on a competitive analysis, we found the main existing products displayed long and unbroken
lists of information, requiring users to scroll through several screens, either to locate needed information or to find a particular option.

Image 1: competitive analysis of features

Information architecture and design: I conducted persona, content inventories, conceptual models, work flows and drew wireframes.

Image 2: persona example

Information architecture

Image 3: flow chart for genetic information subsystem