Usability Testing and Redesign for


Background: I worked with Prof. Randolph Bias to conduct a usability test of the emerging website, which helps people represent themselves in the court.

Research: A total of 10 participants each carried out 9 tasks on the Texas Court website. Performance data (e.g., task completion), satisfaction data (via a questionnaire), and particular usability problem areas were gathered and were summarized.

Image 1: Original homepage of

Samples of main findings:

  • No search function on the website.
  • “Hide My Screen” button does not show when people scroll down the page.
  • Text is dense on the right lower part of homepage.

Design strategies: Based on our research, I drew a homepage redesign wireframe and reorganized the information in the header, main body and the footer of the homepage.

homepage_wireframeImage 2: Redesign homepage wireframe

Sample of the redesign:

  • Add search bar
  • Make “HIDE MY SCREEN” button float on the middle of the margin.

Image 3: Header redesign

Image 4: Final homepage redesign