Heuristic Evaluation for Transaction Search Application


I led heuristic evaluations (expert review) for multiple VISA websites and applications, and the transaction search application is one of these projects.

Background: Transaction search is a service in which VISA clients can retrieve and review all their transactions through the VISA platform. When the Cybersource team was working on the transaction search project, the front-end engineering team asked our UX team to help make the application more user friendly before the back end development started. But they didn’t have time to conduct usability testing. So we offered a heuristic evaluation study.

Challenge: The development team wanted to make the design modern, but the prototype neglected the usability. We needed to persuade all the developers to give more focus on usability.

Research and strategies: I studied the application prototype and analyzed each page. Based on my UX analysis, I concluded users may need a multi-feature search, so I designed and added it to the report. To better persuade the development team to change their original design, I provided a report containing problems I uncovered and visible design recommendations to solve these problems.

Samples of design recommendations:

  • Add multi-feature search
  • Remove search results cards from result details page

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.17.08 PM

Result: The Cybersource team accepted almost all our recommendations and implemented them into the final version of the product.