You&Me Mobile App-HCI Project

This app is designed to aid communication and intimacy for couples in long distance relationships (LDRs). The results from the user-experience tests and surveys suggest this mobile app can: help create a shared sense of presence, facilitate increased communication and help partners express themselves when distance is a constraint.

You&Me Demo

The design was divided into five phases: Phase 1: Initial Research; Phase 2: Low fidelity prototype(s); Phase 3: High fidelity prototype 1;Phase 4: High fidelity prototype 2; Phase 5: Functional prototype. I designed survey, built persona and did competitive analysis in phase 1. Based on the  features developed through brainstorming, I drew wireframe. In phase 3 and 4, I did usability testing through traditional method and Crowdsourcing platform, and analyzed the testing results to improve prototype design. The functional design is built through Titanium simulator.